Latest Release: Version 4.2
Compatible With: Windows: 9x/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7

Since 2003, Domain Fetcher has helped domain resellers and entrepreneurs to make the most of their efforts in searching for expired and unregistered domain names. No more monthly fees for similar browser based services. No more wasted hours typing in name after name hoping to find good ones to register. Now you can do it all with the click of a button. Less time searching means more time making money.

Many other companies have tried to duplicate our software, but none of them come close to quality and service. The Domain Fetcher software is the original pioneer in domain searching software. First released in 2003, the Domain Fetcher software has gone through many upgrades and improvements to benefit all of our loyal users. While many others have tried to duplicate our software, none of them offer the features and support that we do. Your success is our top priority. We continually increase our efforts to add features to our Domain Fetcher software, making it the best available.

No other expired domain searching software allows you to search for domain names using every available domain extension. We take your searching capabilities way beyond that of the inferior domain searching software that other companies offer. Most of the other domain searching software available only allow you to search .com or .net domains. Domain Fetcher allows you to search through top level domains, as well other extensions such as .info, .biz, .name, and many more. Our latest software release even allows searching of international domain names (IDN's), expanding your search possibilities even further. You can even add new domain extensions as they are released.

No other company offers you frequently updated word lists. We offer fresh and updated customized word lists for a vast array of categories. It is our goal to give our users the highest potential in finding the absolute best domain names. Other companies can try to copy us, but they will NEVER match up.

Just type a word into the Domain Fetcher software and choose a word list. Then click the start button and watch as the Domain Fetcher software locates and sorts all of the registered and unregistered domains into easily browsed categories. Never again will you have to sit there typing in name after name to see if it's taken or not. The domain fetcher software automatically tells you which names are or aren't registered.

When you find a name that you want to register, simply double-click it and you will immediately be take to GoDaddy where you can purchase the domain name . You are of course free to purchase available domains through any registrar of your choosing. We only recommend using GoDaddy due to their reliability and ease of use.

With our up-to-date software, frequently updated word lists, and top quality support.....The Domain Fetcher software simply cannot be beaten. At Domain Fetcher, it is our mission to bring you the easiest domain searching software available. And even more, to keep our services 100% FREE !!!


- Domain Name Manager: All domain names found throught the program are added to the domain name manager, which sorts domain names by length.

- Search All TLD and IDN Domains: Now searches for domains on any domain, including obscure and country specify domains.

- Browse For Domain Names: A browser just like Internet Explorer, which looks through any page you view for domain names and checks to see if they are expired.

- Domain Name Creator: Enter a base word, and the software will create and check the availability of thousands of domain names.

- Yahoo and Google Searches: Given a search term, the program will automatically search through yahoo and google looking for expired domain names.

- Instant Two, Three, and Four Letter Domains: The program will search through all two, three or four letter domain names.

- Master Word List: A list of millions of potential domain names, which can be checked for availability.

- Custom Word Lists: The software includes many word lists to start you off. These include computer terms to business words, to entire dictionaries, which can be checked for availablity. We continually offer fresh and updated word lists on the Domain Fetcher website. You can also create your own wordlists to scan.

To download the Domain Fetcher software, please enter a valid email address below. Within minutes, you will receive a download link for the software.


Privacy Policy

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Susan B. (1&1 User)

...Your software has so many more features than the other guys. I can't believe I didn't find your software sooner. I've been missing out...
Frank S. ( User)
Domain Fetcher is the absolute most user-friendly domain searching tool available. Both novice and advanced users alike will find the Domain Fetcher software easy to use. If you can type in a search term and click a button, then you can use our software. It really is just that simple. We guarantee it.
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